illy Classico Medium Roast...

illy Classico Medium Roast...


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● FILTER COFFEE: illy’s Ground coffee, also known as drip coffee or American coffee is more coarsely ground for optimal extraction with drip coffee makers and French presses.
● CLASSICO MEDIUM ROAST: Our delicious Classico Ground coffee is a medium roast and has a lingering sweetness and delicate notes of caramel, orange blossom and jasmine
● 100 PERCENT ARABICA COFFEE BEANS: illy’s distinctive smooth, rich and full-bodied taste is created from the skilful blending of 100 Percent sustainably-grown Arabica beans, selected from different growing regions around the world
● AUTHENTIC ITALIAN QUALITY: illy ground coffee is alive with aroma and rich taste and is by far the most popular preparation method throughout the US and Northern Europe. Flawlessly consistent, balanced and never bitter
● SUSTAINABLE GROWTH: For over 30 years, illy has been committed to sustainable coffee growing and direct relationships with coffee growers, helping them to develop skills, techniques and stay up-to-date on innovations in sustainability, at no cost to them


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